Your Visa to high-quality health!!!

Diaspora - Care Health Insurance Programme

What's Covered

When it comes to your well-being, having real peace of mind with your family by receiving the care you need is key.

A private health insurance scheme arranged by D-CHIP can go a long way to providing that reassurance across a wide range of health issues - from life threatening illnesses, to conditions that reduce your quality of life.

With a private health insurance scheme arranged by D-CHIP, you shape the scheme you want from the range of options available.

Tailoring your private health insurance
D-CHIP's private health insurance cover doesn't come as a pre-determined plan. Instead, you can take full advantage of our modular healthcare insurance cover to build the scheme that you want.

Our 'Essential Cover' is at the heart of our scheme. This is the foundation for you to build upon with the nine options available.

Insurance Plan Options
We understand that you will have individual private medical needs and our options give you the ability to pick and choose. Our options include: Click Here