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Diaspora - Care Health Insurance Programme


We believe that health care services does not have to be based on social status but everyone. Both the poor and the rich should have access to affordable and quality health care services and products, as diseases and death have no respect for the poor or the rich.

The D-CHIP has therefore been designed to provide your relatives and friends with comprehensive health benefits at an affordable cost. There is a general plan for all our clients. Monthly premium amounts for members in the Enhanced D-CHIP will vary depending on where your relatives and friends live as well as the number of family members you elect to register. Although monthly premium amounts for members in the Enhanced-Overseas D-CHIP do not vary by region, they are based the membership option selected.

Depending on services rendered to the Member, some services, for example specialty care, In-House services and hospital admissions, will attract extra fees as charged by those facilities. Charges for other services such as labs and pharmacy by programme partners are discounted.